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Be Ye Fishers of Men

The Living Word of Faith Fellowship was founded by the (late) Rev. J. W. Hunt in the year of 1951. This began a ministry that would reach around the world. The goal of the Living Word of Faith Fellowship is to spread the Gospel to every nation and to all their people, and to assist them in any way that we can.

From the start, Rev J.W. Hunt had a heart for missions and in 1961 the Fellowship became acquainted with Rev. C.R. Cortez in the Philippines. Since that time, we now support missionaries in six different countries.

The Rev. E. H. Haddock is now the Chairman of the Living Word of Faith Fellowship and his heart and vision is that we need to do all that we can, both here at home and abroad, for missions.

As the Missions Director for the Living Word of Faith Fellowship I would like to say thank you for all the years that you have supported our mission programs around the world, giving of both your time and resources.  Please read this information and  pass it on to others so they may become familiar with the work that our Fellowship is doing in the name of Jesus.

On this page is information about each missionary.  We know that this will be an encouragement to you and have no doubt that you will continue to lift these brothers and sisters up in prayer.  If you would like any further information please contact us.

Love in Christ,

Dale Worley


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Rev. C.R. Cortez & Hosanna, his wife.

The Philippines came into the Fellowship in 1961, when Rev. R. E. Pippin visited the Convention & Graduation of Miracle Bible Institute where Bro. Cortez was Principal. While there, the Lord led Bro. Pippin to speak to Bro. Cortez about starting a training school for new ministers in the Philippines.  Bro Cortez, after much prayer, accepted.  He & his wife Hosanna moved to Northeastern Luzon where there were no Pentecostal churches or preachers. The training school was started and in 1962 Bro. Cortez was ordained into the Fellowship. Since then, much growth has occurred including: more than 300 churches, one Bible College, a Deaf School, the only one of its kind in Northern Philippines, a daily radio broadcast of 30 minutes, Tribal (Tribes) Ministry Outreach, two Mission Medical Clinics, a Prison Ministry & Campus Ministry, printing Ministry (printing hundreds of thousands of Gospel tracts), a day-care school, an orphanage and child-care program. Praise the Lord!


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Bishop Alex Ouma Owuoth and Monica Ouma Owuoth, his wife

Bishop Owuoth came into the Fellowship in 1991 after he had met Bro. Hunt at his Camp Meeting in Springfield, Fla.  Since that time, the Lord has led him to build a 5,000 seat church, start an orphanage, build a Bible school and train new ministers. With God’s help he has been able to start 173 churches in Kenya and surrounding countries. The convention and graduation for the Bible School students, as well as a children’s crusade, happens each year during the first week in July.


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Rev Jean Baptist Jean Louis

Bro. John Baptist has also dedicated his life to God’s work.  He ministers to the children that have no money to go to school and no food or clothing. He is involved with three schools that provide an education and at least one meal a day to the children.   These schools, combined, have around 1,200 children in them.


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Rev B. F. Cameron & his Wife

Bro. B.F. Cameron has been with the Fellowship since the 1970s and in September, 2004, he was ordained as Bishop of the Living Word of Faith Fellowship in Jamaica, which includes 5 other Churches. They also support a school for children, which is held inside the Church.  God is doing a great work in Jamaica through Bro. Cameron.

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