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The Love Plan Of The Living Word Of Faith Fellowship, Inc.

The Living Word of Faith Fellowship, Inc. invites you to join its LOVE PLAN so that you can help others in their time of bereavement, and be helped in yours.

Members of a church, or those who cooperate with the church or Sunday School, are eligible for membership.  When a member dies, the other members are assessed (or have to pay) $1.00 and the total is paid to the designated beneficiary.  This payment is made as soon as word is received in the office of the member's death.  A notice is mailed at the end of each month showing the members who died and you will pay $1.00 per death (if there are three deaths, you will owe $3.00).  This is not a group Plan, but an individual Plan.

At the time of application, you must pay $1.00 with the $6.00 yearly fee, for a total of $7.00.  This keeps the account $1.00 ahead so that instant payment can be made to the beneficiary.

Officers of the Love Plan are E.H. Haddock, T.P. Martin and Donnie Jackson.  The Collection Agent is Minica (Nickie) McAllister, P.O. Box 35065, Panama City, FL 32412, telephone (850)747-0472
If you are interested in becoming a part of this great Plan, please contact Sis. Nickie and she will be happy to send you application forms and/or additional information.  The one thing to remember is that if you have not paid your assessed dollar (or dollars) within 30 days (or 10 deaths), you will be dropped from the list, plus you will lose your $6.00 and your eligibility to receive benefits from this PLAN.  Your eligibility in THE LOVE PLAN takes effect as soon as your application and money are received in the LOVE PLAN office.